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An alignment involves adjusting the vehicle suspension for proper working angles. This affects how the tires contact the road. 

Some of the symptoms of improper alignment is a tire (or tires) that are wearing unevenly, the steering wheel is off to one side or the other when driving straight, and the vehicle pulls to one side when driving on a flat road.

If the alignment is too far off it can cause poor gas mileage from the vehicle’s tires plowing, like if the tires were towed into one another. 

The 3 main angles that are adjusted in a vehicle are caster, camber and toe.

Camber measures how far the wheels are leaned into or away from one another. It is usually the reason that a tire is worn on the outside or inside edge of the tire, as that is the area that is contacting the road.

Caster is the angle of the steering axis, and while it does not affect tire wear, it does affect the vehicle pulling to one side (in the case of uneven caster) and can cause the steering to not return to center, or cause “death wobble” in the case of not enough caster, or can make the vehicle difficult to turn (in the case of too much caster).

Proper wheel alignment has many benefits, It helps conserve gasoline, lengthens the life of the tires (which can be a big investment nowadays) and can make the vehicle drive more predictably and safely. 

At Poway’s Accurate Automotive we want your vehicle to drive like it just rolled off the assembly line!  We have a state-of-the-art alignment machine coupled with our expert technicians to perform a perfect alignment every time. If you notice any symptoms of your vehicle being out of alignment, come see us at Poway's Accurate Automotive for a free alignment check! 

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