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Most manufacturers are moving to a direct injection system, where fuel is sprayed directly in the combustion chamber instead of into the intake manifold. This system increases fuel efficiency and power output, but at the same time it has caused some issues that non-direct injection engines don’t encounter.

One of them is carbon buildup at the valves. This carbon would normally be washed away by the fuel injector, since in a conventional system the injector is placed before the intake valve. With direct injection, the fuel injector is inside the combustion chamber, behind the intake valve. The intake ports and area in front of the valve can fill with carbon and severely limit the amount of air that can enter the engine.

This results in power loss and misfires, often experienced by a rough running engine and a check engine light that is either flashing or solid. Most of these issues and stumbling become more evident during cold starts.   

At Poway’s Accurate Automotive our fuel system service injects a chemical spray into the intake tract with the engine running and cleans out those carbon deposits. This results in restored fuel efficiency, performance, and reduces emissions.

We recommend performing this service every 24,000 miles or 2 years on direct injected vehicles to avoid costly repairs where the intake system must be removed and manually scrubbed. Our supplier is so confident in this service and its ability to prevent costly repairs, that they will pay for repairs on those systems if service is done within 100,000 miles.

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