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Does your vehicle have an electrical problem? Is the battery dying and requiring a jump start to drive? Is there a battery warning on the dash while you are driving?

There are many problems that can cause symptoms such as these. The simplest is a bad battery, and it is easy to check.

At Poway's Accurate Automotive, we normally perform free battery checks as part of our complementary inspection.  If the battery tests good, we go on to check the alternator and starting systems. Often an alternator can cause a battery warning to come on, even thought the battery is fine. The warning just indicates that there is low voltage in the system but won't tell you why. 

That is the value in having an expert certified technician at Poway’s Accurate Automotive perform a full diagnosis. Many customers come into our shop already having spent hundreds of dollars on a battery they didn’t need. Save yourself the extra dollars and get it inspected first.

Another issue that can cause your car’s battery to go dead is a battery draw. This is a load that is put on the battery that shouldn’t be there. Often a faulty radio or control module that is not shutting off when the vehicle is turned off can cause this problem. It is best to double check that no interior lights (such as map lights) were left on and that no accessories are plugged into power ports that could be running with the vehicle’s ignition turned off.

Diagnosing vehicle electrical draws can become complicated, so you want to make sure you are working with an expert. We have expert technicians at Poway’s Accurate Automotive that use this kind of test equipment on a daily basis and can find a battery drain fast and efficiently. 


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